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"I believe we should rather be honest to ourselves and our      paintings, than to always search for a style"

  Ali Amr was born in Ukraine in 1976. He is one of the few artists that are concerned with the manifestations of lines in a basic sense in his works.
  His artistic talent emerged early on in his life, practicing art as a hobby- his passion for it growing just as he grew.

 In the beginning, he started studying the basics of drawing and painting in the Art Institute in Amman alongside with his study of Accounting at Amman University.
  After getting his B.Sc. and the diploma, he was enrolled in the National Academy of fine arts and Architecture in Kiev/Ukraine, to start his journey of a real professional academic studying of art. In addition he pursued his studies in Art at the University of Jordan to obtain his B.A in 2006.

 His academic training gave him a precise grasp of the human form and its representation, something that is apparent in his work, both in the forms he creates as well as the contrast of light and dark that he uses to make them. He has embraced a more abstract, expressionist style, letting go of the conventions he has learned, blending his figures until they become one with the background.
​  Amr utilizes strong, contrasting and complementing colours and large brush-strokes to make his pieces come alive.
  His most recent work has shifted to focus more on the face rather than the body, concerning himself more with the physiological concept of a person, their feelings and lifestyle.


Orient Gallery, Amman 


Invisible Rhythms                       
Orient Gallery, Amman  


Orient Gallery, Amman 

MARCH  2018

Oriental Music                         
Orient Gallery, Amman  

MAY - 2011

Mix of Colors                       
City Hall, Amman  

MAY - 2000


- The first prize for the Jamal Badran      Award for Visual Arts

AMMAN - 2014

The first prize for the Fourth Youth  Contest of Creativity 2004 

AMMAN - 2004

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